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Individuals  -  Private groups  -  Bespoke itineraries  -  Stunning locations

Specializing in both polar (Arctic & Antarctic) and tropical locations

                                                        PHOTOGRAPHY TUTORIAL EXPEDITIONS can include:                                                   

  • Standard, ice-class or ice-breaking luxury vessels 

  • Creative and personal development workshops

  • Highly qualified Yoga and pilates instructors upon request 

  • Flexible and designer itinerariesto each destination 

  • Menu and alcohol selections

  • Local experts 




                                    Please contact Adrian to see which yachts are available for your desired expedition.

                     Detailed data sheets are available for each yacht, or click HERE for some of the vessels we can charter.

       We can then start planning your activities, menu, wine list and itinerary on your standard, ice-rated or ice-breaking vessel.

                         _____2% of all of our expedition fees will go towards educating young people against plastic use, pollution and production_____

Find out more at or


     Wildlife, Volcanoes & Thermal Pools

     Private luxury charter yacht based

Touch base with nature and yourself on the island that has everything a good expedition should offer.

We can incorporate daily hiking/photography  trips or for the more adventurous, exploration of various volcanic hikes followed by a soak in the thermal pools

All conducted from your own luxury charter, we balance outdoor daily expeditions and photography opportunities with relaxation at resorts or on board. 

Helicopter flights, camping, skiing and kayaking are all options on your journey.



Bespoke locations available upon request

As one of the world's leading action and adventure photographers, Adrian has been tutoring all levels of photographers for the last 10 years and can tailor a program that best suits your needs.


Teaching a broad range of photography topics such natural and artificial light usage, equipment selection, subject interaction, wildlife tracking, editing or photography basics, allow Adrian guide you on the pathway to amazing images, whatever your intended specialty may be. 


 Please enquire with Adrian for a no obligation estimate and outline   


       Peninsula & South Shetland Islands

Private Yacht with Ice Breaking Abilities

Over oceans and through sea ice, Antarctica awaits.  Join Adrian as he chases ice, sunsets and wildlife throughout the White Continent. 

With a selection of luxury yachts available including ice breakers, we can incorporate the wild of an Antarctic expedition with unique experiences such as heli-exploring, hiking, camping and skiing.

On board a private chef and a selection of the finest beverages from around the world await.

Contact Adrian for costs and details, as each expedition is guided by your budget.



              Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu, Tahiti

Island hopping in the equatorial heat, or snorkeling and making a connection with peaceful humpback whales, please choose your adventure.

Lifetime memories and meaningful experiences like no other can be had while exploring the islands of the Pacific. Guided by Adrian and Pacific specialists, your itinerary is based on your schedule.

Talk to Adrian about itineraries and experiences that are not to be missed. 


         Baffin Island or Svalbard

    Private luxury charter yacht based

Choose from destinations which include Svalbard, Greenland or Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic.  Northern Lights viewings will be accommodated if timings are correct.  Activities such as skiing or snow-shoeing can be included. 

Stunning glaciers and unique wildlife await your next adventure, with Adrian's main focus being polar bears and the mighty walrus.

All conducted from your own luxury charter, we try and balance outdoor zodiac expeditions with education and relaxation on board. We can also supply genuine ice-class vessels.

All costs and expedition timelines are bespoke



                       If Arranged Prior

Adrian's expeditions are experiences that promote health, well-being and personal growth. In order to aid this process, you have the option of including qualified yoga and meditation instructors in your ship package.

As your personal development moves along, so does your progress in the creative arts such as photography, and we are here to promote both processes.

Facilities on each ship may vary, but Adrian can tailor a journey packed with sessions and workshops that cater for your creative and physical needs.

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