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Adrian Michael Wlodarczyk is a renowned expedition and adventure photographer that has established himself as one of the world’s premiere photography expedition leaders. 


An Australian native, he specializes in photographing the wildlife and landscapes of both the polar regions, with a particular interest in the conservation and photography of the grizzly bear population of the USA and the brown bears of Russia.  Growing up surfing, swimming and playing soccer, Adrian's competitive intuition and love of nature have been the drive behind his desire to professionally explore the artistic potential that surrounds us.  With a Masters degree in neuroscience he is passionate about assisting others reveal, and develop, the confidence to succeed at their passions.


Adrian’s commercial work has been published across the globe, with several international highlights resulting from the years he spent freelancing on the World Surf Tour and UCI World Cycling events.  His work has been used by companies such as Rip Curl, Patagonia, the WSL and a host of clothing brands, magazines and television productions.  


As an author, his next writing project (due 2024) explores the inner journey of personal self-discovery, through the process of unearthing your natural talent and ambition.

Photography Expeditions

From the comfort of luxurious private yachts, Adrian leads expeditions to both polar regions and tropical climates alike, taking you on a journey of personal discovery that encourages and develops your creative nature through unique experiences and tailored workshops and activities.


Workshops can include active involvement with yoga or pilates from qualified instructors on board.  Activities can be catered for with prior organization and may include helicopter trips, submarines, kayaking, daily expeditions to either land or via Zodiacs, snow skiing and overnight camping stays on the ice in locations such as Antarctica.   


An explorer at heart, Adrian will lend his perspective through every step of your journey with him, while immersing you in this planet’s most precious and provocative experiences and environments. 


All images on this site are for sale in either artist or web mediums.  Please enquire with us to discuss your requirements

You can also view pieces for sale HERE


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