Adrian Michael Wlodarczyk has held a passion for sport and nature all his life, so it only seemed natural that when he picked up a camera, he gave the creative world the vision that he could see.  Growing up surfing, competition swimming, playing soccer and basketball , Adrian understands sport and his competitive intuition has flowed through into his photography.  Putting into practice the theory that the bigger risks you take, the better the photograph as a result, Adrian has chased bears, bikes, wolves, snow and waves and many more adventures await. 


Venturing into the ice of the polar regions is Adrian's specialty and he has now been to Antarctica twenty times in his career.  He also loves the north and Arctic Russia and Alaska are among his favourites.  


A native of Australia that now lives in Los Angeles, Adrian has evolved into a world renowned expedition and adventure photographer, photographing and teaching the disciplines you see on this site.  He also specializes in producing commercial and fine art images that result from his adventures.

Clients include Rip Curl, Patagonia and the World Surf League.




Photography Expeditions

Adrian has traveled to the ends of the Earth, literally, to photograph the worlds most extreme landscapes and wildlife. 


Adrian regularly organises photography expeditions for all different levels of clients.  From chartering entire ships into the polar regions, hiking into Alaska or negotiating India's markets, Adrian can put you face to face with the wildlife, landscape or travel destination that you never thought you would be able to photograph.  Adrian can tailor your experience to suit any budget, skill or equipment level.  Local and scientific experts can also be included to enrich your expedition experience.

Photography Tutorials

Adrian has extensive experience in natural light as well as studio photography. He is available for private tutorials on both short term and long term basis.   


As photography is a broad ranging subject, and individual skill levels vary, Adrian can tailor your tutorial to your needs. Each lesson can either be held indoors or on location, depending on the instruction that you require. 


Please contact Adrian for any enquiry into all of the services he offers.   


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